Homeschool Links

This was one of my first homeschooling finds. You’ll find crucial information to start out in a good direction, and get answers to all your questions as you begin your journey. It’s great to check here as your students progress for advice on high school course planning and credits.

A free curriculum and wonderful online support through their Facebook group. Yes, I do make some substitutions as I find what works best for my students, but there is a wealth of experience and great recommendations in this curriculum and in the online support group. So many of the assigned books are excellent and are titles I wouldn’t have found on my own.

This approach to education has been a real blessing to our family, teaching us to slow down and listen to each other better, and to share our experiences and thoughts more readily.

We have had a great experience with their live math classes, and pre-recorded history classes for my middle school child. They also provide community support through an online forum and virtual conferences. Some of the best advice I received about homeschooling came from their virtual conference I attended the summer before we first started our homeschool journey. Wonderful folks!

I found my way to this website last Christmas. A fantastic find! I wish I had known about it the year before!

Why is this link here? Well, because getting my meal planning sorted out has been a huge part of my homeschool journey. That first year, I didn’t understand why so many homeschool moms gave advice about meal planning and prep. on their webpages. I do now!

I used to frequently shop and cook while the kids were at school, never thinking more than a couple of days ahead. That “school time” was no longer available for me, so I had to get a game plan together. For me, nothing really clicked until I bought the Freezer Meal menu cards pack on this site. (Thanks to my oldest sister for the recommendation!)

I (of course) didn’t use the plan exactly to the letter in every way. For example, I never did get the hang of a regular freezer prep day every month. BUT–I did get the hang of planning out 5 entrees per week, with a grocery list, and ordering those groceries (along with breakfast, lunch, and snack items, and coffee, LOTS of coffee) from our local grocery store.

This system got me in the regular rhythm of planning and cooking. And, I do even manage to make a few extra meals some months to have some pre-prepped food in the freezer. In fact, getting this piece of my home life worked out has allowed me to plan for and to cook for others in times of need. That has been a beautiful, unanticipated blessing.

Along with this, I should add an app I have purchased on three different platforms that is key to my meal planning. That is the Paprika app. They do charge for each separate platform. I can say that it has been worth it for me.

General Homeschool Support

Before you get started, look for a statewide support group for homeschooling families, often to be found on Facebook. This is where you’re likely to find people with years, even decades, of experience, who really know the state laws well. This is where I found the proper Notice of Intent forms and advice for interacting with our local school district.