Favorite Things

Fr Mike Schmitz, Homily on the Feast of Corpus Christi 2020

Gospel Reading at minute 6:18 followed by homily

The radio show, authors, and a few of the books that made an impression on me early in my journey to the Catholic Church.

Called to Communion with Dr. David Anders:

Shows available via radio, television, podcast, and YouTube. So many of my questions early in my journey were answered here.


Dr. Anders’s personal website: http://calvin2catholic.com

Christ in His Fullness, by Deacon Bruce Sullivan Book available on Amazon

Bruce Sullivan is a former Church of Christ minister. His life changed when he was confronted with the truth and beauty of the Catholic faith while trying to convert a Catholic family that had moved into his community. Christ in His Fullness presents a full-length treatment of the primary issue that propelled Bruce on his journey, namely that of authority. Since being received into the Catholic Church in 1995, Bruce has written and spoken on topics related to Catholic apologetics and has been a guest on EWTNs Mother Angelica Live, The Journey Home, Bookmark, and Deep in Scripture.

Bearing False Witness, by Rodney Stark Book available on Amazon

Catholicism and Fundamentalism, by Karl Keating Book available on Amazon